Red Bull | "Dynamic Medium"

During an Olympic qualifier, 5x X-Games Gold Medalist Bobby Brown crashed on the last jump of his run, causing a devastating knee injury that put his career in jeopardy. While rehabbing, Bobby decided to push himself in a whole new medium: the back country. Bobby’s team and Red Bull approached us to create a film and suite of content telling this story—the release of which marked the relaunch of Red Bull Snow's YouTube channel.
Mapping the Journey

Bobby and his cinematographer Peter Brown came to us with hard drives full of footage spanning seven locations and an entire winter season. We ingested all the assets, interviewed the team, and then created a story arc and corresponding film structure to guide the post-production process.
A Dynamic Identity & Motion Graphics

The core of the film is Bobby’s transition from decorated X-Games Park Skier to charging dangerous back mountain terrain. To convey this transition, we created a flexible wordmark that actively transitions from all caps to lowercase (and back). This identity design system translated to the motion graphics for the title sequence, each section opener, and the end credits.
Finding the Right Color

With seven different locations and a variety of cameras utilized, creating the perfect look required a skilled touch. In the end, over 150 clips were colored using DaVinci Resolve and over 200 frame grabs were exported at UHD dims and used across a variety of digital and print applications.
A Suite of Content

In addition to the 25-minute film, there were a variety of teasers, trailers, single clips, and frame grabs used to promote the film. Collectively, these assets recieved over 3.5 million views.

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