Raen | Inspired by the Classics

In 2009, RAEN established itself as an independent brand in an industry dominated by massive conglomerates. Since then, they’ve successfully positioned themselves as high-quality and handmade, while also attainable. They approached us to bring that story to life as part of a digital refresh across key channels. This video—and its accompanying iterations—humanized the brand in a way its key competitors never could, revealed their unique production process, and featured stunning campaign visuals of key brand ambassadors all in one. 
A Look at RAEN in Three Acts

We began by distilling what makes RAEN unique within the hyper-competitive eyewear space. Three core aspects were identified: Origin story, product process, and brand ambassadors. We then crafted a script and corresponding storyboard that united them as a cohesive brand story. With the working brand story structure in hand, we then cataloged and pulled selects from existing brand assets to determine what we needed to capture. 
Bringing the Brand Story to Life

Over the years, RAEN built a large, engaged audience on a variety of platforms. To maximize impact across them, we tailored the brand story to each to optimize the audience experience. As part of this, Libre Design built a new e-commerce website to better position the brand for DTC.  

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